the right people make all the difference... even before you hire.

A Tailored ApproachOur hiring methodology has many layers. We recognize that your company is unique and that "one size does not fit all." Your organizational footprint includes your environment, culture, philosophies, and hiring practices. Listening is the first component of our process. It's how we gain insight into each organization; who you are, what you do, and what you need. We ask essential questions. Then, we explore, dig, and decipher to understand the required skills, attributes, characteristics, and behaviors that make a candidate uniquely qualified for your position.

Every hiring decision requires substantial time and money. Our process is one of fresh intelligence and a customized strategy which lends sustainability to your hiring decisions and your cost-benefit ratio.

Access to Top Talent
Through more than a decade of experience and extensive networking, we have amassed a broad base of candidates in all areas of specialty. Plus, we aggressively attract new candidates through our custom Referral Incentive Plan. This gives us— and you—access to an exceptional pool of candidates that is simply not available anywhere else.

Uncovering the Perfect Fit Candidate for You
This is where Hiring Source really stands out from the rest, giving you great value and confidence in your hiring selection. We consistently deliver exceptional candidates because applicants undergo in-depth screening based on the specific job requirements, needs, and culture of your workplace. We are extremely thorough and detailed in our process to uncover candidates' skills and experience levels. But we go much deeper than that. We drill down to understand their values, behavior, and even long-range plans that could impact the job they do for you. We also conduct computerized skill evaluations and, verify references and educational background.

When we suggest a candidate for you, you can rest assured that he/she is qualified and a "perfect fit" for your position and your company. In fact, we're so confident in our process that we offer a 90-day guarantee on Direct Hire placements.

Guiding You Throughout the Process
Throughout our engagement, we consult with you to make the process of filling your position as smooth, efficient, and successful as possible. We share knowledge of the marketplace, salary trends, and benefit packages to help you negotiate a favorable offer. And, we maintain frequent and open communications for up to 90 days following your placement. On a weekly basis, we contact you and the candidate independently when everyone is relaxed and comfortable to speak freely and honestly. This way we can identify and address issues that may arise during the transition period. Hiring Source works with you to ensure a seamless integration of your new employee thereby strengthening your relationship and likelihood of retention. We're with you all the way.